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  • Ben October 21
Autoresponder Scheduling VS Campaign Scheduling
  • I tried to set both the time & date for my "Autoresponder" follow-ups for 1 of my lists, but I noticed that there is no option to set the EXACT "Time". However I do see the option to set the exact "time" & date in the "Campaign" options, but to me, I thought that they "Campaign" section was mainly for Broadcasts and that they "Autoresponder" section was for the main follow-ups. I just don't see any option to set specific time of the day in the "Autoresponder" which doesn't quite make any sense to me. Anyone else having this issue?

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    It doesn’t make sense to setup Autoresponders to use an ‘exact’ time and date. Autoresponders triggers emails to be sent subjected to their signup date. Subscribers sign up at different time and dates, it only make sense to setup Autoresponders to send after X time or X days. If you set it to ‘Today’ for example, tomorrow’s subscribers will no longer get any Autoresponder emails.


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