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Export all subscribers from all lists at once
  • I have a client with over 300 lists and they want to export all subscribers/lists at once. Preferably into one dump/csv ...or individuals.

    Is there an alternative to having to go through each list one by one ...maybe some PHP scriptI can run through the API to cycle through all lists and dump the data onto screen to copy into a CSV.


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    Posts: 21Sendy user

    Hi mogmachine

    There is no obvious way to export all subscribers through the Sendy interface in one go.

    However, I think you can create a single CSV through phpMyAdmin -- assuming you have it installed on your Sendy server.

    Within phpMyAdmin, simply select the 'subscriber' table within your Sendy database, and then select Export from the top menu. You should then be able to change the export format from SQL to CSV, and export the entire table.

    The CSV will contain data fields your client may not need, and you may have to cross-check the table headers in phpMyAdmin with the CSV fields to identify 'bounced', 'complaint' and other subscribers you may not wish to keep in the CSV.

    I guess with 300 lists and perhaps many thousands of subscribers, the export and subsequent CSV manipulation may be cumbersome.

    However, you should end up with a file of sorts for editing.

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