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Amazon SES ends support for 'Signature V3' - Update Sendy to the latest version

edited March 2023 in Announcements

Amazon has ended support for Amazon SES API requests signed with 'Signature Version 3' on October 1st, 2020 in favor of the new 'Signature Version 4'.

Sendy uses Amazon's 'Signature Version 4' API since version 4.0.4 onwards in November 2019. You will not be affected if you update to the latest version.

What you need to do

Update to the latest version of Sendy if you're on a version of Sendy that's older than 4.0.4.

As a reference, the following is an email you may have received from Amazon:

Amazon Web Services currently supports Amazon SES API requests that are signed using Signature Version 3 and Signature Version 4 processes. Signature Version 4 further enhances the security around authentication and authorization of Amazon SES customers by using a signing key instead of your secret access key. To improve the security for our customers, beginning October 1, 2020, Amazon Signature Version 3 will be turned off (deprecated) in Amazon SES in favor of Signature Version 4.

Amazon SES customers who are still using Signature Version 3 must migrate to Signature Version 4 by September 30, 2020. After that, Amazon SES will only accept requests that are signed using Signature Version 4. For more information, see Signature Version 4 signing process [1].

What Happens if I Don't Make Updates?

Requests signed with Signature Version 3 that are made after September 30, 2020 will fail to authenticate with Amazon SES. Requesters will see errors stating that the request must be signed with Signature Version 4.

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