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Success should be rewarded, not penalized.

Your subscriber base is growing, but so are your monthly fees.

The bigger your subscriber base becomes, the higher your monthly fees. The more you grow, the more you pay. It's discouraging and it never ends. What if you could turn this around?

Meet Sendy

Sendy is a self hosted email newsletter application that lets you send bulk emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). You only pay for what you send, at only $1 per 10,000 emails. No longer will you be held hostage by increasing monthly fees as your subscriber base flourishes.

Also works natively with these SMTP providers

Sendy report

🔥 Features you'll get

Send newsletters 100x cheaper

With Sendy, you no longer pay increasingly expensive monthly fees. Pay only when you send at the incredibly low rate of $1 per 10,000 emails. Sendy not only sends your emails quickly via Amazon SES, you also enjoy high deliverability rates. Best bang for your buck!

Beautiful reports

See results of every campaign and autoresponders in a beautifully formatted report. Visualize opens, clicks, bounces, complaints and countries with charts & data. You can export segments of subscribers from your report for re-targetting.

White labeled client accounts

Managing multiple products or services? With Sendy, you can organize them into groups or as we like to call it, 'brands'. Optionally give your client access to their own brand and let them send newsletters on their own at a price you set. You can even set monthly sending limits and adjust client privileges.


Automate your marketing by setting up a series of emails in drip campaigns to automatically follow up with your subscribers at time intervals you set. Or send emails annually or one off emails at a specific date. Keep your subscribers engaged and your brand at the top of their mind.

List segmentation

Research shows sending emails to targeted segments can increase email engagement as well as revenue by more than 25%. Sendy enables you to create segments for any list based on any conditions you define. Choose segments and/or lists to include or exclude in your email campaigns for optimized results.

Rules & Webhooks

Decide what happens when something happens - by creating 'Rules'. For example, setup a rule to get notified by email when a scheduled campaign starts sending, trigger a webhook when an autoresponder is sent, unsubscribe someone from a list when they're signed up to another, and so on.

List & subscriber management

Manage and segment lists & subscribers easily with Sendy. Mass import/delete subscribers, custom fields, single/double opt-in, custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page, thank you/good bye emails, subscribe form or API to add users (takes a deep breath), you name it!

Custom fields

Create custom fields to store more than just 'name' and 'email'. Not only can you store more information about your subscribers, you can use them for list segmentation or personalization tags in your newsletters for a more personalized experience.

Bounce & complaint handling

Keep your lists clean effortlessly as bounces, complaints and unsubscribes are automatically handled in real time once your newsletter is sent. There is no need for any manual post campaign cleanups, just sit back and watch your campaign report unfold.

Custom domains

Setup custom domains so that unsubscribe, web version and trackable links will use the domain you prefer, rather than the URL where you installed Sendy. Recipients will be better able to recognize who you are, resulting in lower complaint rates.


Having thousands of unconfirmed email addresses from double opt-in signups that serves no purpose in your lists? As well as people who had never ever read or engage in your emails? You can clean them off your list with just a click of a button.

Third party integrations & Zapier

Sendy integrates with popular apps like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc thanks to third party developers. Sendy also works with Zapier, an automation service that enables you to integrate Sendy with thousands of apps in Zapier's app directory!

🤍 What people are saying

User - John Gruber
John Gruber from Daring Fireball @gruber

@getSendy Thank *you* for making good software.

User - Cabel
Cabel from Panic @cabel

Our list is over 500k at this point and we’ve since switched to a self-install of “Sendy” and I absolutely love it. We pay very little to Amazon SES to deliver the emails and Sendy is a one-time purchase.

User - Kalob Taulien
Kalob Taulien @KalobTaulien

I use Sendy. Been using it for a number of years, it's GREAT and reliable. I've probs sent thousands of dollars worth of emails over the years. Very much worth the $69 one-time cost imo.

User - Matt Spurrier
Matt Spurrier @DigitalSparky

I personally use Sendy, a relatively cheap PHP web application that uses Amazon SES for mailout. Works great for me and you only ever pay the license for the software and on-demand for the emails, as opposed to paying the monthly fee for 'subscribers'

User - David Schwertfeger
David Schwertfeger @dschwertfeger

When I looked at ESPs months ago it seemed crazy to me to pay a monthly fee based on your number of subscribers…

Even if I don't send a single email.

Sendy uses Amazon SES to send emails 100x cheaper.

User - Adam Fortuna
Adam Fortuna @adamfortuna

The first is Sendy (@getSendy) which we use for our newsletter. I used Sendy on @minafiblog for the last few years and loved it.

If you're sending newsletters, it's soooo much cheaper than anything else with a great delivery rate. 3/x

User - Jonathan W Thomas
jonathanwthomas @jonathanwthomas

I ‘rolled my own’ using @getSendy and Amazon SES. I spend maybe $20 a month on email now and have great deliverability because it’s Amazon. I have 60k subscribers. Was paying almost $300 a month with Mailchimp. Never going back.

User - Dylan Malone
Dylan Malone @dylanmalone

@tvaziri I have strong opinions on this one! Use this, or have one of your many developer friends host it for you using this:

It's literally 100x cheaper than MailChimp et al. Those email services really are overcharging. I'm all for a fair profit, but wow.

User - Richard Lee
Richard Lee @dlackty

Just upgraded our @getSendy installation to v6. We used Sendy since v1 and every major version upgrades are impressive. It’s worth every penny!

User - Liam Gill
Liam Gill @LawyerLiam

Quick shout out to the team @getSendy. I posted last week about how I had lost my subscriber list. Their team was instrumental in helping mitigate the damage and get me back up and running again. Highly recommend to any founder with a newsletter!

User - Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar @PankajWebDev

After using MailChimp for 4 years, I shifted to @getSendy and it's just awesome. Already saved thousands of dollars and it's Just Awesome! It's a must for serious email marketers having a huge subscriber base.

User - Nicole
nicole @techmomogy

1000% recommend @getSendy for #newsletters. So incredibly impressed with this app. Even if you need them or someone else to install on your servers, completely worth it.

🤔 FAQs

Is this a hosted service?

No. Sendy is a self hosted application that runs on your web server. Pay once and it's yours, there's no recurring fee.

What are the requirements?

You'd install Sendy on an online Apache web server with Linux, PHP & MySQL support, just like WordPress! Almost all hosting companies support them.

Is Sendy easy to setup?

If FTP and MySQL database is familiar to you, yes. Just follow our Get Started Guide to get up and running. You can also opt for an installation service too if you need it.

Are updates free?

Updates are free up till the next major version, eg. version 7.x, 8.x etc. Major versions don't come so often, so you'd receive more new features in free minor versions than major ones.

What's SES send rate and limit?

Once signed up for Amazon SES, request for your sending quota to be increased. Eg. if you need to send 50k emails daily, request Amazon for a sending quota of 50k emails per day.

Can I install Sendy on multiple domains?

Sendy can be installed on one domain per license. To install Sendy on more domains, you need additional licenses. However, you can use any 'From email' belonging to any domain to send emails in Sendy.

Are Sendy's files obfuscated?

Sendy's files are not obfuscated except for the installation and functions file. You can edit the source code for your own personal use without needing these two files.

What's with Sendy's low pricing?

Sendy is a self hosted app, you host it on your own web hosting server instead of ours, so you don’t pay us monthly fees. Emails are sent via Amazon SES at a jaw dropping low rate of only $1 per 10,000 emails.

🛒 Get your Sendy

Sendy is yours for a one time payment

You can then save a 100x for every campaign. But these savings are useless if your emails can't be delivered to the inbox. That is why Sendy uses Amazon SES to send your emails.

If you encounter problems, we will help you. If it doesn't work out, we'll refund you.

Sendy software

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