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Great Application.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down neeraganeeraga
    Posts: 15Sendy user
    Hello Ben,

    Just tried your software and installed it. Great Application, solves lots of my problem and my money as well. :)

    Neeraj Agarwal
  • Vote Up0Vote Down jpanseljpansel
    Posts: 36Sendy user
    I have to second this !
    And the 1.0.8 update is fantastic, I love the new features and it looks very reliable.

    I just found a tiny bug though... After sending a test message, the page says that the campaign was sent...
    It's not critical at all, but the first time I got that message I had a heart attack :-)

    Keep up the good work Ben, and thanks again
  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,667Sendy support
    @neeraga @jpansel Thank you guys, feedbacks like this keeps us going, we really appreciate it. I'm happy that it helps solve a problem. We will continue to make it better and more useful.

    @jpansel thanks for reporting this, this is fixed. Download from

    The only files changed are:

    1. send-to.php
    2. /js/create/main.js

    Thanks once again!
  • Vote Up0Vote Down jpanseljpansel
    Posts: 36Sendy user
    Thanks Ben, I tried today and it fixed the issue.
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