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Unicode no longer displaying correctly in

edited May 2013 in Troubleshooting

Suddenly, the subject lines of all my campaigns are rendering as gibberish when I see the list of all campaigns -- and I've been sending campaigns in a wide range of languages.

What have you done in the upgrade to 1.1.6, and how do I fix this?


  • Hi Eric,

    1.1.6 now uses utf8 by default. If you want to revert, paste this line to the end of your /includes/config.php file:

    $charset = 'latin1';



  • No, there's still a problem. When I try to copy and paste from a Unicode page ( into the mailing, I get gibberish. The subject line of this text in Slovak becomes "Za bezpe?nos? v bangladéšskych odevných továr?ach" when it should have been "Za bezpečnosť v bangladéšskych odevných továrňach".

  • Hi Eric,

    Use $charset = 'utf16'. Then re-enter and save your subject line.

    I've just tested and utf16 works for Slovak.


  • That seems to have solved the problem. I don't understand why, as we use UTF-8, not UTF-16, for our web pages.

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