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How do I set up Digital Ocean DNS Records to support DKIM ?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down GaryB200GaryB200
    Posts: 8Sendy user

    Hi, I have, I believe (!), a virtual private server from Digital Ocean, they call it a droplet. I am trying to set up Amazon SES and still in the sandbox. I have verified my domain name successfully by including the details supplied by SES as a text record, in the name and text columns of the TXT Records data (and adding a trailing "." to the name data). Amazon has verified the domain - so all's well(?).

    I now want to add DKIM to the domain and for a specified email within the domain. Amazon have given 3 DKIM CNAME records for the domain and also 3 DKIM CNAME records for the specified email, I've tried putting them in both the CNAME records data and also the TXT Records data for the DNS. - But they are still not being picked up/verified by Amazon SES.

    Has any Sendy user successfully set up DKIM signing on a Digital Ocean server and if so, what do you have to do with the CNAME records that Amazon SES supplies?

    I've tried asking the Digital Ocean support but no joy with them so far...

    Thanks for reading...

  • Vote Up0Vote Down GaryB200GaryB200
    Posts: 8Sendy user

    I believe this problem is now solved. If you look on Amazon SES forum you can find this post which I believe was probably pertinent to the problem:

    It seems like not all ISPs interpret the standard for returning DNS data in the same way.

    Fortunately for me the nice people at Digital Ocean support investigated and do seem to have fixed my particular problem outlined above. So I now have the DKIM data specified in CNAME records and Amazon SES seems happy now with regard to DKIM verification etc.

    So this particular issue can be marked as resolved - however that is done...

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,823Sendy support

    Hi Gary,

    Glad that your issue is now resolved. DNS issues are better handled by the people hosting your DNS.

    On another note, my thanks for lending your help to another user on another thread.


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