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  • Ben December 2017
How to verify if session.save_path is working
  • I'm having the login issue described here:

    Our Sendy install was working fine, previously, but we haven't used it in a while and now it's not letting us log in.

    Our host is GoDaddy. I have spent a bunch of time with them trying to verify that that session.save_path is set up correctly, but it's still not letting us log in. I've tried disabling any caching pluings (the only thing I have that might count as that is WordFence) but that doesn't help. We also just upgraded to version 3.

    Is there a way to actually verify that session.save_path is set up correctly? Is there anything else I can try?


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    Posts: 3,643Sendy support


    I checked your session.save_path in your phpinfo and see that your session.save_path has 'no value' (see screenshot below):


    Please contact GoDaddy support on fixing this. The session.save_path needs to be set to the path of a writable directory.


    Best regards,

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