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Automatically pause and resume campaigns queued to make use of Amazon's SES limit progressively
  • Vote Up0Vote Down guidodguidod
    Posts: 19Sendy user

    I know this has been requested several times, but I repost it because those old threads have been closed. E.g.:

    Mandrill, for example, enforces a hourly limit that doesn't limit you at all: if you send more than your authorized automatically-adjusted hourly limit, your e-mails are queued and will resume sending when the hourly limit resets. You can empty the queue at any time should you need to stop the delivery.

    In Sendy, campaigns should have a new "delayed" status stating how many e-mails are still yet to be sent and they should be resumed as soon as the limit allows.

    It's extremely impractical to split lists, especially larger lists, into smaller lists, and since Amazon increases sending limits progressively, this is a must-have feature for any company willing to move from traditional SaaS vendors like Campaign Monitor to a self-hosted Sendy.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,792Sendy support

    Hi @guidod,

    To send more than your daily quota allows, request Amazon for "extended access" →

    This will remove complexities of adding a new feature to queue emails for later (more moving parts, more issues) and delaying your campaign.

    I have logged in to many users' Sendy installation before and have seen daily quotas with up to 5 million a day.



  • Vote Up0Vote Down guidodguidod
    Posts: 19Sendy user

    Hey @Ben,

    I know that we can request Extended Access, I was just making a suggestion to you thinking on the usability difficulties people face when first using Sendy, knowing it might be a reason to not switch.

    Congrats on the app, it's great.

  • Why not have a queue that is adjusted to the sending limits per 24h? Cron operated? Increasing the SES limits is not a sure thing.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down vbrigandvbrigand
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    A agree! it is vital!

  • I add my name to wanting this - our sending limit is increased but we have a 50,000 database. It is nice to send it out at around 10K each day, that way we don't have too many out of office to process, and we don't have too many enquiries to process. A pause would be the easiest way to achieve this.