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How does delivery fee and cost per recipient work for Drip Campaigns and autoresponders for brands.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down shankorellashankorella
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    Hello Ben,

    Hope you are good.

    Please how does this work for drip campaigns and autoresponders? I don't quite understand how the costing works for these because emails of drip campaigns and autoresponders would be sent out individually and at different times depending on the settings of the drip campaign and autoresponder. Another consideration is the fact that when a new subscriber joins a list after the drip campaign or auto responder had been created, he/she is automatically subscribed to the drip campaign or autoresponder.

    Looking forward to a quick reply.

    Kind Regards.


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    Hi Shankorella,

    Hope you are good as well. Autoresponders aren't integrated with payments yet, but I've taken note of it.



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    This is also a problem for me as clients can upload an unlimited number of autoreponders and not pay for them to be sent.

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    Hi Ben,

    Any updates on this? Thanks!

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