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  • Ben October 2018
Unsubscribe link directs to unsubscribe-success.php page and doesn't unsubscribe
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    In a campaign I use the <unsubscribe> tag. It creates a link that refers directly to unsubscribe-success.php. Clicking on it I get the unsubscribe success page but my test email hasn't been unsubscribed from the list. Shouldn't the <unsubscribe> tag create a link that refers to sendy/unsubscribe.php instead?

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    You are using the unsubscribe tag incorrectly. You probably copied the email's HTML from a web version and pasted it into a new campaign, then sent that campaign. As a result, the unsubscribe link you've copied over is a dummy unsubscribe link (unsubscribe-success.php). If you want to duplicate a campaign, use the duplicate function so that the 'unsubscribe tag' is duplicated into the new campaign instead of the dummy unsubscribe link.

    In future, please use the unsubscribe tag correctly, here's how:

    When you create or edit a campaign, you will find the unsubscribe tags at the bottom of the page (see screenshot below):

    You can use the unsubscribe tags like so:

    <unsubscribe>Click here to unsubscribe</unsubscribe>


    <a href="[unsubscribe]">Click here to unsubscribe</a>

    Paste either of the above into the "HTML" of your email where you want it to appear.

    When each recipient receives your email, the tags will automatically be converted to unsubscribe links unique to each recipient. If the recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link, they'll be unsubscribed instantly off the list(s) they belong to.


    Best regards,

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