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  • Ben June 2013
SES Limit of 10,000
  • Vote Up0Vote Down vsmvsm
    Posts: 13Sendy user

    Hi Ben,

    Please can you clarify what happens when we reach the 10 000 limit? Let's say I have 500 credits left and I send to a list of 2000 recipients. Will Amazon automatically charge my card and automatically allocate me another 10 000 credits, or will Sendy stop sending after the first 500 in the queue?


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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,758Sendy support

    Hi @vsm,

    You cannot send more than your daily limit to began with. The sending functions will be disabled.

    Increase your quota if you need to by requesting Amazon for "extended access"


    Best regards,

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