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Reasons for why some emails aren't imported
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    when I import a CSV list and it doesn't add all e-mails I would like to know why some e-mails are not imported, like a log of the import proccess, because I have relized that if one e-mail has a wrong character like ( " ) or ( [ ) or something like that it breaks the import and when I remove the troubled e-mail and I the import the CSV again, it imports more e-mails.

    So I would like to know if the not imported e-mails are because they are bounced or marked as spam or exists any error in one e-mail which breaks the impor proccess.

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,507Sendy support

    Update to the latest version of Sendy →

    The latest version lets you download a CSV of emails that aren't imported including their reasons.

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