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[currentmonth] [currentdaynumber] [currentyear] tags in 'Thank You' email
  • Hey Ben..

    [currentmonth] [currentdaynumber] [currentyear] tags are not working in the 'Thank you' email set in list settings.

    I need to send out coupons that only last for 5 days from the current date...

    I see there is a way to set this in the campaign emails.. can this be done in the 'Thank you' emails?


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    [currentmonth] [currentdaynumber] [currentyear] tags only work in 'Campaigns' and 'Autoresponders'.

    If you want to use these tags, create a 'Drip Campaign' Autoresponder that sends an email immediately to subscribers instead of setting the 'Thank you email' in the list settings.


    Best regards,

  • gotcha.. thanks for the work around...

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