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Possible to remove scripts from email's HTML before sending to Sendy?
  • Hi there, separately from Sendy, I built a tool which allows my users to use a GUI to design emails which outputs markup based on Ted Goas’s excellent Cerberus project. I’m really pleased with the way the tool turned out (i’ll share the tool in a future post, for any who may be interested). Once the email is created, all the user needs to do is copy and paste the generated source code into Sendy. The markup includes a couple of scripts for the web version of the email (Google Analytics, a few performance items, etc.). I want to keep these scripts in the web version, but—if possible—I would like them all to be stripped from the email itself before it is sent via Sendy. I can’t reasonably expect my non-geeky users to go through the source code and remove these scripts themselves.

    A similar question is raised in this Stack Overflow post.

    I don’t know if this is a feature request, or perhaps something that others have figured out in the past. Any insights would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!