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Postmark says SES emails are not SPF aligned, while YahooMail and Gmail both say SPF & DKIM are OK.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down froseefrosee
    Posts: 4Sendy user

    I use Sendy with SES. Does anyone else use (free) Postmark for DMARC monitoring, and get the weekly reports? The Postmark report says that the email from source "" are 0% SPF aligned, and 100% DKIM aligned.

    And there is a tip about return-path. " is authorized to send on behalf of, however it looks like SPF is still failing DMARC’s alignment test. DMARC looks at the Return-Path of a message to make sure the domain there matches the domain in your From address. If the Return-Path path doesn’t match your From address, those messages will fail DMARC’s SPF alignment test. Check with this source because you may need to set up a custom Return-Path."

    I see that the return-path of my emails sent via Sendy+SES are typically like this: "Return-Path:" So it looks like VERP for bounce processing.

    Is there anything I should change so that Postmark can see 100% SPF alignment? Or should we just ignore it.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down dawesidawesi
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    if you setup the subdomain as per the instructions this should resolve... also make sure your spf has the includes for and any other sources of email

  • This is interesting - wasn't aware of this tool. Free DMARC monitoring from Postmark is where it lives, if anyone else is interested.

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