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  • Ben August 2013
One control panel w/ different domains and link tracking URLs
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    Posts: 3Sendy user

    Hey Ben,

    I'm interested in using Sendy with several domains and I'd like to be able to use one control panel, but still have the domain-specific link tracking urls for each registered domain. Is there any way of achieving this, or is it something you'd consider adding as a feature? I'll try and explain.... Let's say I have 2 licensed domains. If I install Sendy at, the link tracking urls in emails are, which is great for all email addresses. However, if I want to send emails from email address, they shortened URLs will still be

    This isn't great for 2 reasons - firstly because I don't want the sites associated with eachother, and secondly because many spam filters give better scores to emails if all the links are from the same domain as the from address. The only thing I can think of that will solve this problem is buying a second license and installing it at Would that be right, or is there another way of solving this problem?

    If I need more licence(s), that's not a problem. However it becomes annoying having to log into different control panels for each domain. Is there any possibility you could add a feature to "link" multiple installations of Sendy somehow? Then in the "settings" for each brand, you could offer a drop down as to which installation to associate it with?

    Last question, would there be any problem with using the same mysql database with multiple Sendy installations?

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,667Sendy support

    Hi @menathor,

    You'll need to install Sendy on separate domains to use their respective domains in tracking URLs, which means you'll need multiple licenses.

    Or, you can buy a generic domain eg. and install Sendy on it so your brands aren't aren't using a specific brand's domain. That's what a lot of Sendy users are doing.

    Last question, would there be any problem with using the same mysql database with multiple Sendy installations?

    There won't be problems, but I suggest keeping databases separate for each Sendy installation. Sendy is a 'bulk' emailing application that performs most things in bulk. You don't want to overload a single database with multiple Sendy installations.

    Best regards,

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