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How important is mod rewrite?

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Hello everybody!

After seeing a lot of posts regarding mod_rewrite I wanted to ask how important is for sendy to work properly.

I tried to install sendy (having the mod_rewrite in yellow indicator). Installation was successful and I managed to send several test e-mails.

No matter what I tried, sendy did not recognized the mod_rewrite (which in my Pleask panel is shown as loaded) .

The question is: Is it really important to have mod_rewrite enabled to get sendy work properly or not? Is mod_rewrite used only to "prettify" urls or is used for other purposes too?

If it is only for urls, I would not be bothered to get sendy "see" the mod_rewrite.

Thanks guys!


  • Hi @lewis,

    If you're able to login without getting a 404 error, you have mod_rewrite enabled. You don't have to worry about it.

    The reason why the mod_rewrite is yellow instead of red in your compatibility checklist is because mod_rewrite cannot be detected on some hosts. But that does not mean you don't have mod_rewrite enabled.

    mod_rewrite is needed to rewrite URLs so that they don't need the .php extension appended in URLs (also known as 'pretty URLs').

    If you're able to login and use Sendy without issues or 404 errors, you have mod_rewrite enabled and don't have to worry about it being labelled yellow in your compatibility checklist.


    Best regards,

  • Thank you so much Ben!

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