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  • Ben November 2013
Is Sendy the right solution for this job ?
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    A friend told me about Sendy a few days ago. We love its simplicity and the fact that it's not cluttered with useless features.

    Here is the workflow in which we're trying to use Sendy :

    Our database contains all kinds of user details (name, email, birthday etc.. ) The plan is to duplicate these details from the website's database and communicate them to Sendy's database/mailing list on a regular basis (daily or twice a day).

    The goal is for Sendy to send regular newsletter campaigns and reminders/autoresponders on particular events (birthdays, a reminder x days before the end of their subscription period etc..)

    Is this doable with Sendy ?

    What if a user changes his/her details ? Can sendy send the reminders after the data is edited ?

    Thanks a lot

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    Hi Soriano,

    Thanks for your kind feedback.

    I suggest utilizing Sendy's API to 'sync' data between your website and Sendy's list. This way, you don't have to manually sync both your website and Sendy on a daily (or twice daily) basis.

    For example, when someone changed their birthday on your website/application, it'll call Sendy's 'subscribe' API to change the birthday value. When someone is added to your website's database, subsequently make a 'subscribe' API call to add the user to your desired Sendy's list.

    This is the best practice and best way to keep both database current.

    I have 2 other applications that does it the same way I've just described. Neither have I ever had to manually "sync" between my application's databases and Sendy's lists.


    Best regards,

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