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  • Ben February 2014
Why Sendy Can't Be Beat
  • Sendy is the type of platform that has such inherent value and benefit I truly feel guilty paying for it only once.

    It just works.

    It does what it does exceptionally well. And inexpensively.

    Our cost savings have been greater than $5000 per year since migration from MailChimp.

    Real numbers.

    Whenever there's an issue (which generally stems from EC2), Ben is quick to provide a solution.

    Help directly from the developer.

    Who does that?

    The combination of quality, service, support and savings are unparalleled. Period.

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    Posts: 3,703Sendy support

    Thanks for writing this short review, I appreciate it deeply. I'm glad Sendy provides you with real value and I wish you all the best in everything you do.

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