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  • Ben November 2012
Enable 'mod_rewrite' For Shared Hosting
  • Hi there,

    I'm new here. I just installed Sendy and after I filled up my details, I was redirected to '500 Internal Server Error' page. From what I understand here, I know that my Shared Hosting account 'mod_rewrite' is not active since the checklist label during the Sendy installation process is in yellow color instead of green one.

    My question here, if I want to enable this 'mod_rewrite', what should I add to my .htaccess file? Anyone of you guys here have the .htaccess code so that I can copy and paste it in my .htaccess file too? I try to Google this low and high but did not find any luck. There are so many 'mod_rewrite' rules I found and I do not know which one is suitable for me.

    Thank you very much.
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    Posts: 3,606Sendy support

    You can't enable mod_rewrite by editing the .htaccess file. You need to contact your host to enable it for you.

    Best regards,
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