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Emails and IDs in links not encrypted?
  • In the API docs under Subscribe > Parameters > 3. List there is this sentence:

    "This encrypted & hashed id can be found under View all lists section named ID"

    After installing Sendy and creating our first list I can say with confidence that the list ID is neither encrypted or hashed. Are the docs inaccurate? Is there an issue with my installation? Please advise.

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    Posts: 3,701Sendy support

    I checked your phpinfo and saw that you do not have OpenSSL module installed on your server. That is why your IDs aren't encrypted.

    The following is a screenshot from my phpinfo that have OpenSSL module installed:

    Please install OpenSSL so you can have your IDs encrypted.

    When encrypted, your Lists page will look like this:

  • Got it. Fixed. Thanks!

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