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  • Ben December 2012
Bug: Button doesn't re-enable
  • Vote Up0Vote Down willwill
    Posts: 12Sendy user
    When on the send-to page where you can toggle between lists to send to. If you select a list in the multi-select box that produces the error about hitting the daily maximum, the 'Send newsletter now!' button disables. It doesn't get re-enabled when you select a list which doesn't present that warning.
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,739Sendy support
    There's indeed a bug.

    I've fixed the JS file and updated the build.

    The only file changed is /js/create/main.js.

    If you want to directly update this file on your server, edit line 133:

    change $("#real-btn").removeClass("disabled");

    to $("#real-btn").removeAttr("disabled");
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