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RSS to Campaign & segments inside lists

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Great piece of software.

Can you implement RSS to Email
And segments inside lists for e.g. the subscriber can choose whether he wants the english version or the hindi version OR Daily Newsletter or Weekly.

If i see these two features implemented, I am definitely buying it.



  • They're on our roadmap.
  • Can I have a look at your roadmap?
    By when are these features expected to release?
  • is RSS to Email still on the upcoming feature list? Would really like this as well
  • Hi Ben... Just real quick... great job on Sendy! Wanted to see if theres been any updates in regards to the RSS to Email piece?

  • Yea... both of these features are musts for me, and I'm already a customer. Sendy is top notch!

  • RSS to Email would be a killer feature, I would be using it right now, is there an estimate on when that will be ready?

  • Any progress on this? I've been using Feedburner just for RSS to email. It would be great to get that into Sendy as well. Maybe added to the API for starters?

  • Any update on this?

  • Hi, any news on this?

  • Hi @ben, any news about? Thanks!

  • janjan
    edited January 2014

    @ben is this possible by now?

  • Chiming in on RSS campaigns with another vote.

    Great software @ben :)

  • +1 on RSS-to-Email.

  • How is this going?

  • +1 would love to see this

  • Hey @ben , I purchased sendy 6 months ago without realizing that it was lacking this feature (which is the only feature I really need). in September 2012 you stated it's "on the roadmap". Since then a number of users have asked about this. What's the status here? Is that still "on the roadmap"? Is it gonna take another 2 years?

  • Can we get an answer to this? If it's not a feature that will be released soon, we will write the code ourselves.

  • Please! This is a must for me too….

  • In case it is needed +1 Here.

  • Hey @ben, its been sometime that people are asking for this feature. Is this comming out anytime soon? Is there an alternate method we could use until this is out?

  • Hey @ben, its been sometime that people are asking for this feature. Is this comming out anytime soon? Is there an alternate method we could use until this is out?

  • Hi, has there been any progress with RSS to email?

  • edited October 2014

    I have just finished writing a software solution for publishing RSS feeds as Sendy campaigns for some personal projects I am working on. I would be happy to implement this for anyone who is interested, but I would have to charge a support/consulting fee to get you up and running as it requires some tech know-how to set things up. If there is enough demand (and the Sendy folks don't come up with their own solution), I might consider polishing it up for a wider audience.

  • Hi @dtougas,

    Perhaps you could add this solution to Github? Or maybe sell it to @ben so he doesn't need to create it himself and we don't have to be waiting for it... Please, spread the solution!

  • At the moment, I don't have the time to put into thoroughly documenting the software. It is not a point-and-click solution like Sendy, but a command line program (written in Python) that is run from cron. Secondly, it uses a templating engine (Jinja2) that programmers like, but again, isn't for non-technical users. Explaining its usage will require some solid docs, and I really don't know how much energy I want to put into those documents when the majority of Sendy users are likely to be non-technical. Hence I have not put it up on Github.

    On the other hand, it would be possible to make a nice web UI for the software, but I don't see much point expending the energy if Sendy has their own implementation in the pipeline. I have doubts that the Sendy folks would be interested in purchasing my solution as it isn't written in PHP.

  • Hi dtougas, I am really interested on your solution. Are you using the new API for creating and sending the campaigns? Did you make any change on the code?
    What I would really like is to know if Sendy has this on the pipeline or not.


  • Hi @ben, No updates on this yet?

  • +1 Also putting in my vote for pulling rss content into automatically generated email campaigns... the one thing that's preventing me from importing some of my mailchimp lists.

  • +1 My vote also for the

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