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  • Ben January 2013
database query taking too long
  • Vote Up0Vote Down KevinBKevinB
    Posts: 8Sendy user

    Hi there

    I am getting messages from my server admins that the following query is taking over a minute to execute ...getting killed in the process to stop causing problems for other users :) . I should add I only have about 600 test subscribers in my database just now . (using version 1.1.4 Sendy)

    Uploading the same list also took about 5 minutes whereas my other SES PHP mailer app whips through this a lot quicker , as you can understand I am doing a few tests with this before moving a larger list over .

    Any suggestions ?

    Query: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = 'xxxx_sendy' AND (table_name = 'apps' OR table_name = 'campaigns' OR table_name = 'links' OR table_name = 'lists' OR table_name = 'login' OR table_name = 'subscribers')

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,804Sendy support

    Hi @KevinB,

    This query merely checks if the require tables are installed and shouldn't take too long. This has nothing to do with uploads, sending etc.

    I just executed this query directly in my database and it took 0.4 milliseconds:

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