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Can't upload lists after enabling cron job for uploads
  • Hi, we had a large list to upload (approx. 150,000). So I decided to turn on the cron jobs as Sendy suggested. We're running Sendy on our own Linux box and I run the commands suggested by Sendy in the terminal and now when I try to upload a list it acts like it's working okay, but the progress meter stays at 0% (we've let it run for a couple hours on a smaller list of 30K).

    Any ideas? Also the tip to add the cron job doesn't show up in Sendy anymore can I can't remember what the commands were so I'm not sure how to debug this issue.


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    First of all, never run the cron job command in the terminal. This will give Sendy a false positive that the cron job is working properly even if it is not.

    If the import is not moving and stuck at 0%, your cron job is not setup correctly to execute the import.csv.php script that in turn imports the CSV.

    To see the cron job setup instructions again, visit to reset cron job statuses in the database. You'll see the cron job instructions in a blue box again at the CSV import page.


    Best regards,

  • Ah, rad. Thanks for the tip on repointing the cron job and the quick reply. I was actually able to get it up an running yesterday by manually adding the cron job to the cron file. When I originally added it, I missed the import-csv.php cron job and found that was needed by searching the forums. Thanks again!

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