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Can't connect to database
  • Vote Up0Vote Down YoshikiYoshiki
    Posts: 3Sendy user


    I've uploaded Sendy on my server, and edited config.php to have the proper credentials as specified by my webhost(networksolutions). I've tried to get Sendy to work but no matter what I do it doesn't seem to be able to open communications with the mySQL database I set up.

    I've tried three different databases with different names, users/pass and in each case tried both the mysql hostname that networksolutions supplies along with the the IP address they also allow you to connect through. The APP_PATH is correct and I really can't think of anything else that

    Each time I open sendy on my domain I get the "Can't connect to database" error page.

    I've ran a script to test if the database is online with the exact same credentials I put into config.php and the results are successful:

    The getting started guide doesn't seem to address this stage in much detail, so is there anything elementary that I'm missing here?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,643Sendy support

    Hi @Yoshiki,

    Is mysqli extension installed in your PHP installation?

    The test script that you provided here is using the old mysql_* extension (will be deprecated in PHP 5.5). Sendy uses mysqli (notice the i behind). If mysqli extension is not available in your PHP installation, it won't work.

    Can you check with your host?



  • Vote Up0Vote Down YoshikiYoshiki
    Posts: 3Sendy user

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the response. I've sent them an email asking to see if mysqli is installed.



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