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Can't get to first base - mod_rewrite problem
  • Vote Up0Vote Down ericleeericlee
    Posts: 10Sendy user

    I reached the very first step after having created my MySQL database, configured config.php, uploaded everything, filled in the form, keyed in my license key, and saw the warning (in orange) about mod_rewrite.

    Went ahead anyway, and got a 404 error page. I checked my ISP (1&1 Internet) and they say:

    You can adjust the Apache webserver properties to your needs by editing a control file. You can list various commands in this file enabling you to control access to a directory, to have custom error pages, to list the content of directories, etc. The control file .htaccess can be placed in various directories of your site. Please note that commands in a .htaccess file affect ALL subdirectories as well! Whenever using mod_rewrite and/or the rewrite engine, it MAY not function properly on standard shared hosting and/or managed servers without the following line added before it in the .htaccess file: Options -MultiViews

    This is precisely what the .htaccess file on the server looks like.

    So, what have I done wrong? I'm keen to begin using Sendy, but this is not a hopeful start ...

  • Vote Up0Vote Down ericleeericlee
    Posts: 10Sendy user

    Fantastic - that worked! Thank you so much.

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