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Autoresponder sending out to only a fraction of emails
  • Vote Up0Vote Down adfactoryadfactory
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    Hey all,

    I love Sendy, but I'm having an issue with an autoresponder. We've got a web app that adds subscribers via the Sendy API. The autoresponder is supposed to send a welcome email to that person 5 minutes after being subscribed.

    We're getting about 30-60 new users per day, so I'd expect that number reflected in the number of welcome emails sent. However, with over 3,000 people signed up, Sendy's only sent 338 emails. HELP!

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,727Sendy support


    Is your cron job for autoresponders.php running every 1 minute (and not anything more)?

    Best regards,

  • Vote Up0Vote Down adfactoryadfactory
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    It is now - and working :) I'm not sure where I got the idea to set the autoresponder to 5 minutes, but it's up and running now. Thanks!

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