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  • Ben October 2015
Mod_Rewrite Yellow BUT Sendy installed & works ... COULD I BE COURTING DISASTER?
  • Ok ... another one on this topic.

    I'm on Knownhost on their VPS. Got the Mod Rewrite error when checking compatibility (not installed etc). I always run things like that before installing things. I VERIFIED WITH THE HOST THAT INDEED MOD_REWRITE WAS INSTALLED AND WORKING (hmmm)

    SO I tried to do the install anyway and when running to my domain, I got the install page with the classic "yellow warning" about mod_rewrite. But went through the install. Entered all credentials and hit submit, and the page refreshed like nothing entered. SO I decided to just go to my login screen and got the Sendy Login Screen and I got in (no more install screen)

    SO ... after that ... it seems to be working fine.

    I'm able to run everything. Entered my list ... all amazon credentials are working ... things are sending, reporting seems to be working etc.

    IN OTHER WORDS, I'm not seeing any errors in the operation of the software. BUT had a yellow warning, no 404 page, and things seem to be working.

    COULD I be in for some "unexpected surprise" soon because something is lurking or is this just one of those issues where Sendy may not "detect" the MOD REWRITE but it's working just fine on this Virtual Private Server?

    I KNOW that this sounds paranoid ... well ... it's because I am after being through various issues like this in the past!

    Any advice or info would be appreciated!


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    Posts: 3,804Sendy support


    There is nothing to worry about. Some server can't detect 'mod_rewrite' and that's all. If you don't get a 404 after installation you're fine.


    Best regards,

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