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buy new license for Server (dv) Dedicated-Virtual, send email without using Amazon SES?
  • is there anyway to integrate sendy on a server to manage email sending and bounce statistics, spam and all the features of the shipping report, but without using the delivery platform Amazon SES? I can purchase a new license to manage the delivery of my email on a server (dv) Dedicated-Virtual SES MediaTemple unused for shipping?

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    Posts: 3,804Sendy support

    Hi @cloudcolombia,

    Currently Sendy only supports Amazon SES. You can use SMTP settings from other email providers but bounces and complaints will not be registered at this time.

    To detect bounces, you'll usually receive emails of bounces (undelivered email) when an email bounced. You can take note of each email and keep them in a CSV.

    For complaints, this is the difficult part. If I'm not mistaken, you'll need to work with each email provider like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc to inform you when an email is marked as spam.


  • ok, thanks!

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