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Characters such as å, ä, ö aren't displayed correctly
  • Vote Up0Vote Down intertexintertex
    Posts: 23Sendy user

    I would like to update you with the problems with umlaut characters such as å, ä, ö.

    When importing a csv file the text is sort of at the position of the umlaut character. I previously wrote that you could avoid the problem by manually convertering the umlaut characters to html (ä to ä). However, it does not work properly, when using the textfield in an email the umlaut characers are rendered as html code.

    This is a big problem for me. In my native language (Swedish) and several other languages the umlaut characters are as important as the other characters in the alphabet.

    Best regards
    Bo Nordlin

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,703Sendy support


    I just imported a CSV with accented characters and they display exactly as it should though, see screenshot below:

    This is the CSV I imported →

    Best regards,

  • Vote Up0Vote Down intertexintertex
    Posts: 23Sendy user


    I have investigated a little further. It depends on which character encoding you are saving the file with. In Windows Notepad you can choose between four character encodings.

    If you choose Ansi, the text field is cut off at the first accented character. Ansi is the default file type in Notepad.

    If you choose UTF-8, accented characters are imported without problems.

    If you choose Unicode or Unicode big endian, the file is not imported at all.

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