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  • Ben February 2016
Emails won't send after removing cron job
  • Hi,

    As the previous mailing had some trouble I decided to erase the cron job and manually "resume" sending from the dashboard in sendy. But,... Sendy won't send anything anymore. So I looked for the place where the cron job setup was explained. And where it should be, it isn't there. (the blue box) Like the cronjob is erased but Sendy still "feels" it is there.

    any help is appreciated


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    Posts: 3,604Sendy support


    When you delete the cron job, that's only 50% of the job done. You need to visit https://your_sendy_installation_url/reset-cron.php to reset the cron job statuses in your database, then you'll be able to see the blue box with the cron job setup instructions.

    Then duplicate your "stuck" campaign so you get a draft backup, then delete the stuck campaign. Then send the draft again. This time it will be sent without the cron job.

    Best regards,

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