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Is verifying a domain compulsory in Amazon SES console?
  • Hi ~ I had someone else install Sendy on my server. I got this message today:

     Amazon SES detected that the TXT record information required to confirm ownership of the domain in region US West (Oregon) is no longer present in your DNS settings.
     If this is intentional, you do not need to take any additional action. In 5 days, this domain will no longer be considered verified for purposes of Amazon SES sending.
     If this is unintentional, please restore the TXT record information to your DNS settings within 5 days to ensure uninterrupted sending from this domain.
     For domain verification troubleshooting information, see .
     Thank you for using Amazon SES.

    If I remember correctly, a domain doesn't have to be verified in order to send an email. I have verified one email, and I'm able to send messages from that fine. I have a huge send next week and I'd rather not touch anything on the server if I can help it.

    Can I just ignore the note?

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    It is not compulsory to verify domains. Just verify the 'email' will do. You can ignore that note.


    Best regards,

  • Thank you Ben!

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