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Install throws "too many redirects" when calling _install.php in browser
  • I've got the code uploaded to my server, and have the config file (I'm fairly certain) set appropriately (I was previously getting "can't connect to database" errors but those aren't happening anymore. However, when I attempt to call _install.php in the browser I get a message saying that there are too many redirects and that the browser can't load the file. Any suggestions?

  • I have te same problem ->

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    Hi @sidneyvanness,

    Yes I can reproduce the same problem when installing. I've found and fixed the issue, it was to do with the obfuscated functions file I updated yesterday. Apparently, it wasn't obfuscated properly.

    Please download the version again from and just replace the /includes/functions.php file on your server.

    Sorry for the trouble.


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