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Need Professional Sendy-Amazon SES Consulting ($75/hour)
  • Vote Up0Vote Down gmediagmedia
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    We run a boutique digital marketing agency and manage all email marketing services for our 38 clients. We have been using Interspire Email Marketer for 10 years, but would like to begin using Sendy. Please reply or PM if you feel you would like to consult us on Sendy. Willing to pay up to $75 per hour for the expert with the right experience.

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down icarusnycicarusnyc
    Posts: 23Sendy user

    Are you trying to set up an instance? I have lots of links that were helpful. We set ours up a year ago and it works. We just run into some little issues every now and then which require a google to solve. It's a great program and it's amazing how much you save using AWS and sendy

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