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Added new email to Drip campaign, but it's not sending
  • I have a drip campaign in a mailing list, set to send emails +28 days and +56 days after signup. All subscribers have a join_date in the database, and all emails are sending out as expected.

    I added a new email for +84 days about a week before anyone is 84 days old, but that email is not sending correctly.

    Checking the database, 29,514 emails are subscribed and joined more than 84 days ago - my own email address included. I received the email, but my colleague did not. Our row in the subscribers database is identical in all fields (apart from email address, obviously). Only two other people in the database out of those 29,514 received the new drip email. I cannot figure out why this is.

    Any ideas? Running version in a dedicated server Unix/centos environment.

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    Hi @scottfreeman,

    I see that you manually set the join_date in your database in order to send autoresponders to 'existing' subscribers in a list. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you use Sendy in any way unintended, you may experience unexpected results. Autoresponders aren't intended or designed to work this way at this time. Autoresponders are designed and tested to work when users sign up via the subscribe API or subscribe form.

    Autoresponder emails aren't sent with multi-threading and does not feature auto-resume (or even manual resume) as compared to sending a regular campaign. So when you set the autoresponder to send 29,514 emails all at once after the 84 days period, sending could have timed out before all emails were sent. No auto or manual resume functions will resume it so it stops there.

    My suggestion would be to send 'scheduled campaigns' for existing subscribers and continue to have your drip campaign autoresponder running for new signs either via the subscribe form or API.



  • Thanks Ben. I think I understand what happened.

    I'm going to write a script that sets two subscribers per timestamp, 1 minute apart. The autoresponders.php cron runs every minute. By my calculations, that will take approx 10 days to complete, erring on the side of caution. So I'll start incrementing the timestamps from then.

    • Scott.
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