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Email addresses with plus signs aren't accepted with the standard subscribe form
  • I've added a Subscribe form using Sendy's subscribe HTML code.

    Works fine for most addresses, but anything with a plus sign is silently dropped. Eg isn't accepted as a valid email address.

    Pretty sure it's the regex in check_local_portion() in EmailAddressValidator.php - before I dive into it, has anyone seen this before and fixed it already?

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    Posts: 3,606Sendy support


    I just tested and was able to add email addresses with a + sign in it though:


    I used the subscription form provided by the Sendy list (which also uses Sendy’s ’subscribe’ API):



    Best regards,

  • Hey Ben, yes, you're right. Was submitting the form via AJAX which was encoding the plus sign as a space. Sorted now.

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