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Here's a script to export individual user activity (clicks summed) for a campaign
  • Not sure if this is helpful for anyone, but I was asked by one of our users to replicate some mailchimp functionality. Basically it was to have a report which showed which users were the most active with a particular campaign as defined by clicks. This would alert marketing to people who seem more engaged than others with a single click. The current way to do this is by clicking on a individual users name in a campaign report, but that is not efficient for large lists. Exports now limit to if they have or haven't clicked so there aren't click-counts for individual users.


    Just create a php file and put it in your /includes/reports folder

    usage: http://sendyurl/includes/reports/randomfile.php?c=[campaign_id]&a=userclicks

    Add a link on the report.php page for a little easier use.

       <div class="row-fluid">
        <div class="span12">
            <h2 class="report-titles"><?php echo _('User Campaign Activity');?></h2>
            <a href="<?php echo get_app_info('path');?>/includes/reports/randomfile.php?c=<?php echo $id?>&a=userclicks" title="<?php echo _('Export a CSV of Subscribers who have clicked and the number of clicks');?>" class="report-export"><i class="icon icon-download-alt"></i></a>

    Will get overwritten most likely when you upgrade though.

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