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Non-AWS SMTP server configuration
  • Hello good day.

    I'm trying to set up my SMTP, send a test campaign, and Sendy on your dashboard says the campaign was successfully sent, but none of the recipients receive the campaign.

    I have a VPS in Digital Ocean, and there was already released the sending of emails via SMTP;

    I tested with servers like gmail and we also did not receive the emails, but Sendy says the campaign was sent.

    My server gives me a limit of 10,000 submissions per hour, unlimited for the 30 day period, but I can not send and I also did not get any option where I limit the sending of emails by hour, minutes or seconds.

    Can you help us?

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    Posts: 3,701Sendy support


    1. Please update to the latest version of Sendy →
    2. Please check with your host if they restrict sending of emails via third party SMTP. Some hosts restricts sending emails via third party SMTP.
    3. Also make sure that if you set your SMTP port as '465', choose 'SSL'. If you set your SMTP port as '587', choose 'TLS' in your brand settings.


    Best regards,

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