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  • Ben July 2017
PHP max_execution_time
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    I have read that the sending cron should be set to 5mins, however I have not read anything about the max_execution_time in PHP.

    By default, the max_execution_time is 30s in PHP installations. If we set the cron to every 5 mins, the server will timeout after 30s and not sending anything for another 4.5mins.

    So, am I correct to say the max_execution_time in PHP settings should be set to 0, and the scheduled.php cron set to every 5mins?

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    When you setup a cron job to run the scheduled.php script, the script is run via command line by the cron job. As per PHP’s documentation, if a script is executed via command line, the max_execution_time defaults to 0 (unlimited):



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