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How To Send Campaign On Specific Date And Time?
  • Hi guys,

    How do I send campaign / newsletter on specific date and time?

    From what I know, currently, Sendy only can send campaign / newsletter IF the list has 'date' custom field only like birthday.

    I'm going to broadcast some newsletter and I wish I can set the send date and time based on my timezone.

    Thank you.
  • You can do this by scheduling a campaign. You will need to set up cron jobs for this to work.

    Create a campaign and on the last step after you have chosen a list you will see a link called "Schedule this campaign". If cron is set up properly you will simply be able to set the timezone, date and time to send the campaign, otherwise you are given instruction on how to set up cron correctly.

    Hope that helps!
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    Yes Alex is right. Schedule your email to send on a specific date and time based on your timezone (or any other timezone you like).
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