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Can links not be deleted when deleting a campaign?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down efuentesefuentes
    Posts: 12Sendy user

    Hi Ben,

    I just realized that the links sent in a email campaign stop working if one deletes the campaign within sendys.

    Is there a way that links continue working even if you delete the campaign in Sendys?

    The problem is that people can continue to open the emails even months later but the link will be broken if the campaign already erased.



  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,804Sendy support

    Hi @efuentes,

    Links are deleted if you delete a campaign. In other words, any data associated with the campaign will be gone if you delete a campaign.

    If you don't want links associated with the campaign to be deleted when you delete a campaign, you'll need to delete the campaign directly via your database. The table name is 'campaigns'.



  • Vote Up0Vote Down efuentesefuentes
    Posts: 12Sendy user

    Ok, Thanks.

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