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Unsubs across multiple lists
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    Posts: 1Sendy user

    Hi, first off I want to say we've been testing sendy and it looks pretty awesome.

    My question is, we have a db of users, and from time to time we send targeted emails to certain groups of users, so it seems like ideally we'd create a list of users from our db, upload it , and send, which all seem to work fine. The next time we do that though, when a new list is created there could be some overlap of users between the old list and the new list. If people from the old list have unsubscribed, is there a good way to ensure that the new list will respect that unsub field?

    Thank you.

  • Paul:

    If you're importing the "new list" into the "old list", there won't be an issue with ensuring unsubscribes don't get re-emailed to. I covered this with Ben when I had the same concern.

    If, on the other hand, you want people deleted from a brand new list who have previously unsubscribed from a prior list, my understanding is that you're going to have to manually scrub them or run a script using the API to scrub them.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,630Sendy support


    After importing a new batch of emails to a new list, export a CSV of unsubscribes from the old list and use it to mass delete them in the new list.


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