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  • Ben September 2012
Content Disappearing While Trying to Switch From Html View to WYSIWYG
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    Posts: 13Sendy user
    Content Disappearing While Trying to Switch From Html View to WYSIWYG
    I see this as a problem.
    suppose i have started to write something in html view and i decide to hyperlink a text.
    the moment i switch to WYSIWUG. all my written content jus vanishes. this is really frustrating.
    and the unsubscribe html code fails to show at all in WYSIWYG as well.

    Cant we have some ready insert button for unsubscribe text which could be preset for brands. its really cumbersome to write everytime and check if its working or not.

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,792Sendy support
    You need to decide if you want to use the WYSIWYG editor at all before you start composing an email.

    If you decide to use the WYSIWYG editor for an email you're currently composing, click the 'Turn on WYSIWYG editor' button. Then start composing. Then 'Turn on WYSIWYG editor' button completely switches to the WYSIWYG editor with a page refresh so anything you've entered will be gone, unless you save beforehand. In the WYSIWYG editor, there is a button to switch between HTML view and the WYSIWYG view without a page refresh.
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