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Connection between Brand, Campaign and List?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down BrittMalkaBrittMalka
    Posts: 22Sendy user


    I don't get the connection between the three issues: Brand, Campaign and List.

    I've been using AWeber for years, and there I've created lists, and for each list, I could have both autoresponders and broadcasts. I've noticed that this is possible under List in Sendy, too.

    But could you please explain these concepts for me?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BrittMalkaBrittMalka
    Posts: 22Sendy user

    Update: I went through the whole procedure again, starting with a new Brand, and I think I've found the connection. Please let me know if this is correct:

    A Brand is like a List on AWeber, for example people who bought my ebook about "Blue Banana Peel".

    A Campaign is a broad cast. Something you can send out NOW or later, but only send once, and to people who are members of the List.

    List is the members, those who receive the Campaigns and the Autoresponder series, which can also be found under Lists.

    Is that right?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,630Sendy support

    Hi Britt,

    I think you got it. :)


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