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Bounces and complaints not registering
  • We just installed and configured Sendy and sent out a mail without any issue. We then set up our SNS topics and subscriptions and set the bounce and complaint feedback settings in SES to the appropriate SNS subscription. Our SNS console indicates that the subscription has been CONFIRMED and Sendy indicates before sending that bounces and complaints are set up properly. However, when we send mail to a purposely incorrect email address, we never get a bounce in our report.

    We only use one email address for Sendy currently, and that is the only email address have updated in SES to use the SNS feedback topics.

    I cannot hand out login credentials, but I can do appropriate troubleshooting on our end. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi @TechDaddies_Kevin

    If you want to test if bounce handling is working for your Sendy installation, use Amazon Mailbox Simulator's bounce email instead →

    If you've tested your bounce setup with Amazon's Mailbox Simulator email and bounces get registered in your Sendy installation, then it's setup correctly. That means the feedback loop between Sendy and Amazon SNS is working and bounces are and will be registered if Amazon considers an email as a hard bounce.

    If you send an email to a random email address that you come up with and it wasn't registered as a bounce in Sendy, that means Amazon doesn't consider the email as a hard bounce (or maybe not yet), hence it did not send an SNS notification to your Sendy installation's bounces.php endpoint. So no bounce was registered in Amazon and naturally it won't be registered in Sendy as well.

    On the other hand if Amazon registers an email as bounced, your Sendy installation will register it too because your bounce handling is working properly as proven by the test with


    Best regards,

  • Ah, thanks for the explanation. Just sent a test to that address and got a bounce in the report. Thanks

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