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  • Ben October 2012
Sendy 1.0.8: Deleting Custom field from list doesn't delete data: it results in data in wrong field
  • Vote Up0Vote Down smorrsmorr
    Posts: 4Sendy user
    Hi Ben

    I have been experimenting with custom field in 1.0.8. I had 2 fields, OrderID and Store and a number of subscribers with data in these fields
    I decided I didn't want orderID (extraneous information) so I went and deleted it from the custom fields in the list
    The result was that the orderID data was not deleted from the subscribers table, rather Sendy started to show order ID data in the Store field, and the storeData was not accessible.

    I fixed this by editing the subscriber table directly, but this is something you may want to look into.

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,823Sendy support
    Hi @smorr, I've tested this again, doing exactly what you did and can't see the issue on my side. Will continue to monitor this. Thanks.
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