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  • Ben July 2013
Custom Subscription pages
  • Is it possible using the Sendy API and PHP to create my own custom subscription pages and not display the "subscribed" or "unsubscribe" dialogs. I don't want the user to ever leave the site and depending on where they are signing up from I don't even want to give them a confirmation. I wanted to make sure this is possible before I spend too much time diving into this only to find out it's not possible.


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    Posts: 3,667Sendy support

    Hi @kevinmcmahonmilspray,

    Yes of course. There are many ways you can code a subscribe form using Sendy's API. You can code an AJAX subscribe form where a "subscribed" or "unsubscribed" dialog appears without refreshing the page or redirecting them. Or you can redirect them to anywhere you like upon subscribe or unsubscribe.


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