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SES limit idea
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    Hi, it seems that SES Limit is something that lot of users is fighting with. Yeas, we can split mailing into separate lists, but because we're pretty skillfull guys we have mailing lists with 150.000+ users, so splitting in into 16 separate list sis really time consuming process and we need to merge back all reports for our client.

    I think there can be really simple solution: Let's define some safe offset in config (lets say 500 by default). If free SES limit shoud go under this number, lets pause sending and unpase next day (after 24 hours) automatically by cron. SO there can be one more status, like "Autopaused, waiting for SES limit" - or something much shorter :)

  • agree. great idea.

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    +1, but presumably you could also just request higher sending limits from SES?

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